Whose line is it anyway?

A quick test. Herewith, four opening lines from four different stories. Two have been published, two will be shortly. Can you guess who they’re by?

  1. When I was a small a steel monkey would come into my room.
    “The Dust Assassin”, Ian McDonald (The Starry Rift)
  2. Kyle was the first to see the exploding cat
    “Kyle Meets the River”, Ian McDonald (Forbidden Planets)
  3. Once there was a woman in Delhi who married a djinn.
    “The Djinn’s Wife”, Ian McDonald (Asimov’s)
  4. I remember the night I became a goddess.
    “The Little Goddess”, Ian McDonald (Asimov’s)

Progress update

Marianne and the girls are out today, or for most of it so far. Jess had unigym and Sophie had dance class, and I think they all then went for lunch at my mother’s place. Having had four and a half hours sleep in the past twenty eight, I finished proofing Science Fiction: The Very Best of 2005 this afternoon and have sent it back to Oakland. Best Short Novels: 2006 is, of course, all but finished. I’ve done my main pass through, and answered some followups from Kathy at the Club. Marianne has been working on Fantasy: The Very Best of 2005 too. Depending on how she feels, I might start in on it too. Once that’s done, I have an introduction to revise for The Starry Rift, then I can get to the taxes. Once the taxes are done, on to Miscellaneous Project #2.  Lots of reading in June. Time I can, frankly, not afford, but such is the course of matters.  Along the way I’ve been doing some reading for the year’s bests for 2007. I’m a long, long way behind on that, and usually depend on the winter months (the Reading Months when it’s rainy and grey outside) to get that done. I’ll be wasting a month of that in the US though, so I have to take some of that with me somehow, otherwise November will be the same kind of madness as April has been.

I can see some respite up ahead. If I can just get close to deadlines through to Christmas Eve, 2007, I’m home and hosed. I’ll be taking at least five months off work, if not longer. And then, I can do some quiet things, unwind, destress, and take care of myself.  So, twenty one months. That’s not so much. I got through 20 years of the day job.