Wintersmith again…

Just in case Coode Streeters think I have any kind of impulse-control at all, I mentioned in a post on Monday that I’d just received a copy of Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett. This was around 4pm on Monday, I think. I finished reading it at around 1pm on Tuesday. The only reason it took that long is my superhuman powers of self-control, which allowed me to put it down at around 12.30am and go to sleep. Were it not for that I would have consumed the entire book in a single sitting.

What did I think of it? It was terrific: smart, moving, and occasionally funny. I think whether you’ll enjoy the book depends on whether you like Pratchett’s writing voice (I do) and whether you like Tiffany Aching (I do).  Many thanks to Jack and everyone at Harper who arranged the copy. I’ll try to run a proper review here, and maybe even in Locus (the sound you just heard was either CHARLES falling over or laughing his ass off, one or the other). In the meantime, pre-order!

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