The Jack Vance Treasury

A week or two ago I mentioned that I had a new project that I’m co-editing with Terry Dowling suddenly come to life. That project is The Jack Vance Treasury. As you’ll be able to see from following the link, it’s a 175,000 word hardcover collection bringing together a selection of Vance’s very best short fiction, including such classics as “The Moon Moth”, “The Last Castle”, and “The Dragon Masters”. Just as soon as Terry and I both clear our schedules, we’ll do the final reading, assemble the manuscript, get the main intro together, along with some story notes, and the book will be barreling towards being completed.

5 thoughts on “The Jack Vance Treasury”

  1. ‘Abercrombie Station’ usually hits the ‘Best of Jack Vance’ lists and, of course, it’s in the eponymous collection. I’ll go dig out my copy…

  2. I’ll definitely be checking it out. I think it’s in my next pile of re-reads. If, by the way, I sound unsure about what we’re picking for the book, it’s because we’re trying to be as fresh as we can in approaching all this.

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