Alchemy and others

Three new publications entered the house today: a book on vegetable gardening (I’m thinking of losing weight, getting in touch with the seasons etc. and this was a gift), a galley of Gene Wolfe’s Soldier of Sidon, and the third issue of Steve Pasechnick’s Alchemy.

If you’re not familiar with Alchemy it’s one of the classiest and best quality fantasy magazines published today. It’s also devastatingly low key. I know a copy costs seven dollars. I know you can order it from Clarkesworld Books. And I know it’s edited by Steve and worth reading. This new issue contains “Halfway House” by Frances Hardinge, “The Finders of Lost Things” by Tara Kolden, “Steal a Heart” by Hannah Wolfe Bowen, “Letter from Budapest” by Theodora Goss, “You Returned a Changed Person” by Beth Adele Long, “Like the Stars and the Sand” by Sonya Taaffe, “The Seance at Chisholm End” by Sarah Monette, “A Secret Lexicon for the Not-So-Beautiful” by Beth Adele Long, and “The Hollows” by Timothy Williams. I love this magazine quite a bit. Check it out. It’s worth the chase.

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