What I did on my holidays

I thought it might be fun to put up a quick summary of what I’ve been doing for the past twelve months. These are the newest, latest and best that I’ve been working on which have actually seen the light of day (or are about to). A lot of time was spent working on Locus, and on The Starry Rift and The New Space Opera, but this is the 2006 output. Many, many thanks to Andrew Wheeler and The Science Fiction Book Club, CHARLES, Liza and the Locus Press team, Bill at SubPress and Jeremy at Eidolon. It’s been a challenge and a lot of fun.

The Jack Vance Treasury

Well, this is the cover art for The Jack Vance Treasury. It’s by Tom Kidd, and I think it’ll make for a wonderful cover for the book. In case readers haven’t looked at the SubPress site, the contents for the book are:

  • Preface, Jack Vance
  • Jack Vance: An Appreciation, George R.R. Martin
  • Introduction: Fruit from the Tree of Life
  • The Dragon Masters
  • Liane the Wayfarer
  • Sail 25
  • The Gift of Gab
  • The Miracle Workers
  • Guyal of Sfere
  • Noise
  • The Kokod Warriors
  • The Overworld
  • The Men Return
  • The Sorcerer Pharesm
  • The New Prime
  • The Secret
  • The Moon Moth
  • The Bagful of Dreams
  • The Mitr
  • Morreion
  • The Last Castle
  • Biographical Sketch & Other Facts, Jack Vance