The trip begins

Well, here we go. In about two and a half hours a taxi will pull up in front of the house and we will begin the big trip of 2006. I’m going to start here by confessing that I don’t want to go (I doan wanna, I doan wanna, I doan wanna!!). This is mostly because what I think I really need is a week or two of isolation, or maybe going somewhere quiet down South near the beach where I can do nothing much for a while. Every trip for the past six years or so has been terrific, but they’ve all been busy, busy, busy. I’d like to relax.

That extended whine out of the way, I think this should be a great trip. We’re visiting a lot of friends, some we haven’t seen in two long, and there’ll be CHARLES, Locus, WorldCon and a lot, lot more. It should be terrific fun. I’m also excited to be taking the girls to see something new and exciting when they’re at an age when everything’s new and exciting. If I can exert any self-discipline at all, I’ll be posting photographs from the trip here to the blog, and will be added blog comments etc etc from Jessie and Sophie. We’re hoping that the girls classes will be able to check in here and see what they’re friends are up to (hi kids!).

To keep track of the trip report stuff, you can either read the main page of the blog or check out the ‘Hola America‘ category. It’s named that because when I went to the US in 1993 with some friends we made up tour t-shirts listing where we were going etc, just like for a rock band. We named the tour the ‘Evil Empire’ tour. No one, and I mean no one, we met in the US guessed who the Evil Empire was. I considered going with Evil Empire 2006 for this trip, but then reconsidered when I realised that everyone on this trip would know who it referred to. So, in honor of the girls watching Dora the Explorer, we get ‘Hola America‘. More soon.

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