The beginning of the trip…

Well, we set off bright and early on a wet and windy morning. Jessica, Sophie, Marianne and I piled into a big taxi and rode out to the airport. The girls were very excited because it was their first ride in a taxi. We spent a short time at the airport and then jumped onto an enormous plane for the ride to Sydney. The flight was exciting and lots of fun. We had a window seat so the girls could look down on the clouds and the fields. Sophie asked if it was a map she was seeing, and was really excited to find out it was real! We arrived in Sydney and drove out to Garth and Anna’s house while rain, lightning and hail poured down. Their home was cozy and warm, the perfect place to end the day. After dinner and bath for the girls – who had a great time playing with Thomas and Edward (Jess LOVED their drums) – we sent them all off to bed so we could have grownups dinner. It was Jess and Sophie’s first night sleeping away from home, so they had some trouble sleeping. In the end  – after a great evening – the girls ended up sleeping with me. In the morning we had breakfast, and then strolled down through Bronte towards the beach. Not long after we took a taxi out to the airport, to find out that the plane was delayed by ten hours. We’ve spent today in and around a hotel. In about four hours we head back to the airport and on to the plane for the big trip. Sophie’s fast asleep right now.

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