James Sallis has a great review of Peter Beagle’s The Line Between and Jeffrey Ford’s The Empire of Icecream in the December issue of F&SF. You can read it online. Oh, and you can subscribe to F&SF here.

Paul Kincaid also has an interesting review of David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer’s Year’s Best Fantasy 6 at SF Site. The review’s not terribily positive, and doesn’t gel with the starred PW review the book got, but is interesting for what it says about year’s best annuals. Apparently Kincaid’s going to review my Best Short Novels: 2006, so I’d like to say a few things here before I see that review. For what it’s worth, I think Kincaid has some valid points, but isn’t entirely on the money.

Things Never Were the Same

So, Christmas is coming, you’re going to be in Austin for World Fantasy (lucky swine!), and you’re wondering what to get that special loved one. Can I recommend stopping by the Old Earth Books table and picking up a case or two of the latest Howard Waldrop title?

Mike Walsh will be launching Things Will Never Be The Same: Selected Science Fiction 1980-2006 by Howard Waldrop, the first major career overview from America’s national treasure. It features sixteen stories, and is going to be mega-terrific. And, if you buy this one, Mike might be able to afford to do the second one that collects the novellas!

The contents are:

  1. The Ugly Chickens
  2. Heirs of the Perisphere
  3. Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
  4. The Lions Are Asleep This Night
  5. Night of the Cooters
  6. Do Ya,Do Ya,Wanna Dance?
  7. Wild Horses
  8. French Scenes
  9. Household Names
  10. The Sawing Boys
  11. Heart of Whitenesse
  12. Mr Goober’s Show
  13. US
  14. The Dynasters
  15. Calling My Name
  16. King of Where I Go

Oh, and if you’re in Austin Howard will be there. You could get him to *sign* the books for you. I bet he would! And you could buy Cross Plains Universe, a new antho with a Howard story in it. Lots of Waldrop goodness (and I’m stuck in Perth, sigh).