We have a book!

This weekend was all about finishing the first volume of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. I had to turn a stack of stories files into a manuscript, write the story notes, the introduction and all the other bits and pieces. Well, I’m pretty much done. There’s a file on my computer here at home that contains all of that stuff. At the moment there are twenty three stories in the final book, and I’ve got permissions etc for twenty two of them. I’ll know in the next two days about that last one, but I do have another story that I really love and that it hurt not to squeeze into the final book sitting as a pinch hitter. So, I’ll do another read over of the new stuff tonight, confirm the permission tomorrow, and the book file should reach San Francisco not long after Jeremy and Jason get back from WFC, which will be a huge relief.

And next? Well, I’ve got to do the line edit on the best of Bruce Sterling that Subterranean are doing, begin serious work on Locus’s recommended reading lists, assemble an ms. for Best Short Novels: 2007, get some invites out for two new projects I’m doing, and there’ll be some Locus proofing in there too. That should keep me busy till Christmas, I think.