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A weird side effect of listening to everything on the iPod set to shuffle is that I don’t think I have a favorite album of 2006. I need to think more, but nothing stands out as an ‘album’.  BTW, what were Microsoft thinking calling an .mp3 player a ‘Zune’? I mean, zune? And in brown…

Best two books of 2007 so far: Un Lun Dun by China Mieville and Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce.  Both terrific, both YA.

4 thoughts on “Passing comments…”

  1. I have never discovered you, even in a grumpy moment, having a questionable opinion about SF&F (which, of course, just means all our biases must be similar). Who knew that your opinions about electronic devices were so wildly unreliable? I love the brown Zune. (Of course, that surely means that you think MY opinions about electronic devices are . . . er . . . divergent.) Too busy to argue pointlessly, though, as I obviously must go preorder more books, based on your recommendations, which are never wrong.

  2. Susan: I can see why you’d agree with my astounding critical taste , but you got a Zune? Really? You’re a zuner? I thought only Jimmy ZapWow would. Gosh.

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