Well, Bruce delivered the foreword to Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling this morning, so I put together the final ms. of the book and emailed it off to Subterranean Press. We’re only waiting on the introduction (the delay being my fault, not the introducer’s). I think galleys should follow shortly, with the book coming out sometime in mid-2007. I’ve gotta say, in these busy days, that I was pretty happy to send that one off to the publisher. Terry Dowling and I also did the final corrections on The Jack Vance Treasury, so that one is headed off to the printer for a January 2007 publication (I think). Busy times!

What now? Well, I think, if I can keep focussed, getting Best Short Novels: 2007 up and running, seeing if mystery project X will fly (we’ll know over the next month), and working on some other stuff that’s bubbling away. I’m also trying to find time to watch the cricket, spend time with the family (it’s the kids dance show in a week or two), and all sorts of other craziness. Mad times too.