Ok. Time to start a little fresh, I think. The Ashes are safely back where they belong, we’re moving into the tonk-a-pom phase of the cricket season, and projects are bubbling along, so let’s try for optimism as a keynote.

The first thing I thought I’d try is to ask you all what you’re looking forward to reading in 2007. I know the readers of Coode Street either are eager readers or are work in publishing, so I’m sure there are books you can’t wait to see. What are they? Are their ones I’m likely to overlook or pre-judge that you’d like to tell me about? I want to know about great upcoming SF, fantasy, YA, whatever.

In the spirit of fair play, at the moment I’m looking forward to Bill Gibson’s Spook Country,  Ellen & Terri’s The Coyote Road, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve already read a great book by Ysabeau Wilce this year (Flora Segunda, check it out!), a good one by China Mieville, and have a bunch on my to read shelf.

I’m actually thinking that if I can discipline myself (hah!), I might start blogging about what I’ve read this week, mostly for myself, but also for you faithful readers who’ve had such a rubbish six months or so of posts.

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  1. I finally got Eidolon 1 & I’m looking forward to reading that! And lots of other stuff still from ’06 I must admit (including Blindsight which I finally got too). I’m reading Nova Swing at the moment, which is a delight.
    While we’re with your fine self, I’m certainly looking forward to The New Space Opera. There’s Ian McDonald’s Brasyl, the new Paul McAuley(s), the third in Tony Ballantyne’s series (Divergence I think)…
    And there’s the new things from PS Publishing that I just ordered, particularly Chris Roberson’s Voyage of Night Shining White, and Robert Charles Wilson’s Julian (oh, and he has just handed in a sequel to Spin according to Locus!)

    So that’s a start. There’s also a new story from Ted Chiang in a forthcoming F&SF, there’s Charlie’s new one which I failed to read on his LJ, which is in the Jan Asimov’s I think… and so on and so forth!

  2. I’m hoping to read Nova Swing shortly. I’ve got Brasyl, and am looking forward to the McAuley and the Chiang. Ive read both novellas, which are terrific.

  3. well, for my part, i am the one entering in all of the copyediting and extra edit changes to the (over 640 page) coyote road manuscript, and i’ll be glad to see the back of that!

  4. Certainly the Gibson, Mieville and Datlow & Windling books. Others on my play list include:

    Lucius Shepard – Dagger Key, Softspoken, Christmas in Honduras
    Gene Wolfe – Pirate Freedom, F&SF issue
    Michael Swanwick – The Dragons of Babel [?]
    Ian R. MacLeod – The Master Miller’s Tale
    John Burdett – Bangkok Haunts
    Martin Cruz Smith – Stalin’s Ghost
    George R. R. Martin – A Dance with Dragons [?]
    Dan Simmons – The Terror
    anything by Kelly Link, Jeffrey Ford, Margo Lanagan, Ted Chiang, Andy Duncan and so many others.

    and, of course, the Jack Vance Treasury.

  5. And I spent the week between xmas and New year’s going over the copy edit and contacting all the contributors and inputting all their stets and changes to Coyote Road, so happy to see the end of that as it went from my to Sharyn’s hands :-)

  6. Well, I just spent some time printing out The Coyote Road; Inferno; and Jack & Gardner’s Wizards, all three of which I’m really looking forward to reading (though I’ll probably skip the poems ).

    I will note that it’s funny that, no matter how much you love a book, there are always moments in its development when you just want it out of your life, done and dusted, finished.

  7. If it get published this year, do read Peter Beagle’s Summerlong novel which is contemporary fanatasy and his best work in decades.

    Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay is another contemporary fantasy well-worth reading.

    Lastly, everyone should read Christopher Golden’s Borderkind, sequel to The Myth Hunters and the second book in The Veil series. I swear The Sandman in it could have been created by Metallica!

  8. I’d lvove to read Ysabel. I think I’ll have to wait for it to be published before I see it, but I reall am eager. As to Summerlong: I can’t wait. I don’t know if they’re holding off publishing it for some reason, but I’d love to see it out and get a chance to see it.

  9. Nick bounced me a copy of the Subterranean stories you sent to him. If those are ok, then I’m sorted for that. Thanks for thinking of me, btw.

    As to ‘year’s best’ burnout – I understand that. And you have to write that damn intro to. Blech. I don’t envy you at all.

  10. He sent me a revised version of that too. Are COYOTE ROAD, INFERNO, YBFH, and SUBTERRANEAN all of the things you have out in 2007, or am I missing something.

  11. Some reissues:Twists of the Tale (Wildside) and Black Thorn, White Rose (Prime) both in the spring/summer. And (keeping fingers crossed) a SCIFICTION antho (not the humungous one I envisioned but one about 90,000 words).

  12. Other books in ’07 I can’t wait to devour: Conrad Williams’ novellas RAIN and THE SCALDING ROOMS; Joe Hill’s HEART-SHAPED BOX; Hal Duncan’s INK; Liz Hand’s GENERATION LOSS; Ramsey Campbell’s THE GRIN OF THE DARK; Laird Barron’s collection THE IMAGO SEQUENCE; and too many more.

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