Best Short Novels: 2007

Just around New Year’s Lou Anders blogged about Chris Roberson’s terrific PS Publishing novella The Voyage of Night Shining White. Having just read the story, I was interested to hear about Lou’s connection with the story, with Chris’s ‘Celestial Empire’ sequence of stories and so on.

I was particularly interested in Lou’s retelling of how Stephan Martiniere had done some cover art for a now-abandoned edition of The Voyage of Night Shining White. I checked it out on Stephan’s site, and thought it was a pretty amazing piece of art, and something clicked. I was starting into getting the next edition of Best Short Novels ready and we needed a cover. I dropped Andy Wheeler at the Book Club an email. He loved the art too, and so did his art people. The result? Stephan’s “O” is now the cover for Best Short Novels: 2007. How cool is that? I’m very grateful to Lou for pointing out the piece of art, and to Andy and Stephan for being able to make it happen. Now, all you have to do is make sure you order a copy of the anthology!

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  1. For various reasons, I’m not pre-releasing the ToC for this year’s book, but there’ll almost certainly be eight stories in the final book totalling about 200,000 words. Once permissions are ironed out, in the next few days or so, and I’ll post what information I can. I agree though: some good covers indeed.

  2. Excellent choice, Martiniere’s work is top notch. It marries a modern look crafted with today’s technology with the nostalgic work of artists like John Harris and John Berkey.

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