Michael’s dragons…

Just heard that Michael Swanwick has sold his new novel, The Dragons of Babel, to David Hartwell at Tor for a Fall 2008 publication. I’ve read all of the stories – Lord Weary’s Empire” and others – and they’re terrific. Can’t wait to see the final novel!!

5 thoughts on “Michael’s dragons…”

  1. That’s fine to hear but an eighteen-month wait! At least we’ll have the new collection this year. Any word on a ToC for ‘The Dog Said Bow-Wow’, Jonathan?

  2. My post was clumsily worded. Michael excerpted a handful of chapters – maybe four or five – and amended them to read as stand-alone stories. The book is a novel apparently, not a fix-up. The stories include “King Dragon”, “Lord Weary’s Empire”, “An Episode of Stardust”, and two or three others.

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