Work and reading Freedom…

I’ve not been posting much, so a quick update on life, the universe and what I’m reading at the moment. First, the submissions have started to come in for Eclipse: New Science Fiction and Fantasy, which is very exciting. At the same time, Marianne is working in her office on the proofing/copyedits for the Australian edition of The New Space Opera. It’s a small world. I’ve also started to move ahead again on The Starry Rift, which should be heading into galleys and such before too long. I’m also waiting for the proofs for Best Short Novels: 2007 to who up. And, in the meantime, I’ve got taxes to do this weekend. Yay.

There are, however, some seriously cool upsides to this gig. First, last week a copy of this made it’s way into my hands. No. I can’t let you see it. And yes, it’s the book I’ve been most excited about reading all year. I also got a copy of Ken Macleod’s The Execution Channel, which looks terrific.  The book I’m reading now, though, is Gene Wolfe’s Pirate Freedom. Thanks to the kind offices of one David Hartwell, it showed up on Monday morning here in Perth. I was half way through something else at the time, but started it last night with gusto. I think Wolfe has the reputation as being admirable, kind of ‘good for you’, the SFnal equivalent of bran in your diet. I’m not sure why, but I think he is. His work is also seen as difficult and maybe somehow clever. I think this is mostly based around not actually reading his stuff. I’ve also seen things in his short fiction that suggest to me that he could have been one of the best pulp adventure writers who ever lived, had he chosen too. Anyhow, this story of a young priest mysteriously transported back through time to captain a pirate ship during the Golden Age of Piracy looks to be the bomb! More on it, as I progress through.

What else? Sophie came into my office yesterday morning at about 6am, all tousled and sleepy-eyed, and asked if the fairy she’d seen out the front window of our house was real or a dream? Apparently she’d dreamed waking up, walking to the front of the house, and seeing Stardrip the Fairy in our front garden.  I told her all dreams are just a little bit real. She seemed pretty happy with that.