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My pals Jeff and Ann VanderMeer have released the table of contents for their forthcoming anthology, Best American Fantasy. I’m going to be fascinated to see how the world reacts to this one. It’s a pretty obvious, and understandable, attempt to link into the whole ‘Best American” series that Houghton Mifflin publish. Those books are incredibly successful, and it’d be nice to see this one do as well for Jeff and Ann. I’ll also be interested to read the book, when it hits the shelves. The stories that I’ve read – especially the Link and Hand stories – are very good. The other thing that’s interesting about the book is that I’m not aware of any other book taking specifically this angle: trying to identify an “American fantasy” that crosses mainstream and genre boundaries. Very interesting.

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  1. Thanks, Jonathan.

    We were less concerned with the Best American series than in having a specific focus that distinguished us from other best-of anthos, and to have at least one fantasy antho with rotating guest editors.

    There are at least 3 publishers besides us doing “Best American” series, btw.


  2. I’ll certainly be interested to see how it’s received in the world at large. It strikes me as a real one thing or other book – it’ll either really resonate and do really well, or kind of disappear completely. I’m not sure at all which, though I definitely hope it’s the former. As to the “Best American” – I’m aware other publishers have picked up the Houghton Mifflin thing, though I think they still do it most prominently and best.

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