The Starry Rift

Although I’m still (!) struggling with the flu, I wanted to post the cover for The Starry Rift by the devastatingly talented Stephan Martiniere. I feel like rubbing my hands together and cackling ‘It’s alive!’. This book has been in progress for so long, and the writers have been so patient with it, but at last we’re making real, concrete steps towards publication. We have an approx publication date (February 2008), we have a format (hardcover), we have a beautiful cover and, before you know it, we’ll have galleys. Galleys filled with marvellous stories by Garth Nix and Ian McDonald, Neil Gaiman and Walter Jon Williams, Ann Halam and Alastair Reynolds. And many more. I cannot wait. In fact, I think I’m going to have to dream up some kind of competition to give away a few galleys. This book is going to rock, and I want people to have a chance to read it as soon as possible. Hmm. See? Even through the flu, this book gets me excited. It’s something special.

9 thoughts on “The Starry Rift”

  1. Yes indeed that is one fine cover, for what sounds like an excellent book. I can’t wait.

  2. “Traditional sf” in all its glory. Yes, this is what sf is! Unfortunately, what’s been long forgotten is what sf DOES.

  3. Looking forward to this one. Between this and “The New Space Opera” you are on a role. Martiniere certainly does the most brilliant covers.

  4. Sharyn brought up your book often at the Coyote Road signing and among the authors at a cafe afterwords.

  5. Wow, great cover! And the antho finally coming to fruition — must be a wonderful feeling. Congrats.

  6. Steve: Sharyn’s great, and she’s very generous about the book. I’m very happy with it, and delighted to be working with her on it.

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