Conflux Minicon – Go on, you know you want to…

Well, the Conflux Minicon starts up in about two hours, with Keith Stevenson leading off. Keith is a terrific writer and editor who should be fascinating to chat with. I’ll certainly be popping by. In case it’s not been widely published, the direct address for the Minicon is:

Mini-con timetable

12pm Saturday August 4 Keith Stevenson – editor and publisher
1pm Donna Maree Hanson – writer, editor, publisher, ex-con chair, Conflux 4 guest
2pm Chris Barnes – writer, weapon specialist
3pm Richard Harland – writer
4pm Nicole R Murphy – writer, editor, Conflux 4 chair
5pm Simon Brown – writer, Conflux 4 guest
6pm Mark Deniz and Sharyn Lilley – publishers and editors
7pm Fiona McLennan – website designer, eMarketing expert
8pm Karen Miller – writer
9pm Gillian Polack – writer, historian
10pm Melaina Faranda – writer
11pm Jason Nahrung – writer
12am Sunday August 5 Glenda Larke – writer
1am SciFi in Cyberspace – online discussion group
2am Karen Traviss – writer
3am “Dinner break”
5am Kaaron Warren – writer, Conflux 4 guest
6am Maxine McArthur – writer, horse lover
7am Anita Bell – writer
8am Sharyn November – editor with Penguin America
9am Jonathan Strahan – editor
10am Fiona McIntosh – writer
11am Garth Nix – writer

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