Yesterday was all about the travelling thing. I didn’t sleep well, so was awake early. I finished packing, kissed the family and said farwell (with no little sense of trepidation), and got in a cab. The flights were flights. Surprisingly free wireless access at the Perth airport, a cramped aircraft from Perth to Sydney, a lousy movie with Robin Williams in it (the only kind he does these days), 45 minutes in Sydney airport, and an hour to Canberra. The evening was very nice, though. I was met by Conflux chair Nicole Murphy at the tiny Canberra airport, went to the hotel, dropped my bags in my room, and then hit the bar to see Kaaron, Graham, Simon and Ally. After a drink, we headed out for a nice meal at a local yacht club where I chatted with a lot of friends, old and new. It says something for conventions that I spent time chatting with Perth locals Dave Cake, Ian Nichols, and Dave Luckett – something that doesn’t really happen at home. I almost got to chat with Trudi Canavan – we know each other from Eidolon days – but did get to talk to Trevor and others. After a late night drink, it was off to bed. Of course I’m up too early this morning, but that’s cons. Breakfast soon, then a lunch with the gang. Should be good.

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