Travel writing plans go pear-shaped, again

Well, I meant to write every day. I meant to tell you everything, but it was busy. Last time I posted was in Manhattan. Since then there’ve been a lot of wonderful things. The train up from Manhattan was wonderful. The convention was one of the best ever. Even the plane trip to Oakland was good.  If I can tame my recollections through the torrent of sea breezes consumed (I did tell you they are *the* Aussie con drink), I’ll try to give you details on the great conversations with people like Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages, serving Aussie beer and wine to what seemed like four hundred people, hanging with Jay Lake, being smart enough to take Theo’s advice and not partake of the springs, and so on.  My sincerest thanks, though, to a a few people. WFC this year was a gift and a joy.  Without Garth, Trevor, and Deb (my Manhattan buddy and travelin’ pal), it would have been much, much less fun.

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