The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 2

Night Shade have posted the table of contents and cover for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol. 2 over on their website.  I’m pretty sure the cover’s going to change, but the list of stories is solid.  As always, there were three or four stories I really wanted to squeeze into the book, but given that I’m already overlength, I couldn’t make that happen. I’m pretty sure galleys will be going out soon-ish, and the book should be on the shelves in March, 2008.  Although I complain on the blog about the reading, it’s a joy and a privilege to be allowed to do the book, and I hope readers enjoy it.  I’m already reading for the third volume, which should come your way in March of 2009.

5 thoughts on “The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 2”

  1. Great selection; I’ve read quite a few of the selections (Logorrhea, New Space Opera, Eclipse One, Solaris SF, Asimov’s,FSF)and while they are all good, to very good to great.

  2. The ones I’ve already read are on my “best of” list so I’ll be excited to read your other picks. You are one of my favorte “best of” anthologists in years. Reminds me of the old Wollheim/Carr anthologies and then Carr’s continuing anthos. Thanks for putting it together again! And I hope someone is publishing the Year’s Best Novellas, as well. Any chance?

  3. Yes. Any chance for this year’s Best Novellas? I have all the others and would appreciate this year’s also if possible.

  4. I think the technical term, on the year’s best novellas, is that we’re ‘in negotiations’. I hope to have something to announce shortly.

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