Eclipse reading period

Last October I said on Jeff VanderMeer’s blog that I’d be holding an open reading period for Eclipse Two and Three in February or March of this year.  Jeff has quite rightly called me on this a couple times, and I’m definitely not going to let that commitment slip. I’d preferred to have made the announcement earlier, but I’m going to read for Eclipse Two through February, and will accept stories via email.  The announcement is above, and I’d encourage everyone to forward it to anyone whom they think might be interested.  I’ll also get it to Locus, and try to get it to the relevant market news places.  I hope anyone interested, including Jeff, will send stories.

Taking into account the lateness of the announcement, I will also consider stories for Eclipse Three, though  that mostly will be if I receive too many outstanding submissions. It’s my preference, on reflection, to have a separate E3 reading period next year.

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