Kevin 07

So, whatever else you can say for or against the new Prime Minister of Australia, he’s an appallingly uncharismatic speaker. Seeing him on the news today, at the new Aboriginal welcome to Parliament, was painful.  Also, I need to really think about this. Is there something screwy about the Aboriginal welcome?  Aboriginal peoples are welcoming the elected representatives of the Australian people to the place where those representatives will govern – a Commonwealth government established by the British Parliament which is based on the invasion of the country. I don’t know. It’s…odd.

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  1. It’s a polite fiction, in some ways, and I think a lot of it is designed to make whiteys feel better about said invasion. I’m sure that for at least some Aboriginal people it provides some measure of dignity, and at least allows them to remind whiteys that they didn’t ask permission to be here, but I wonder if some don’t feel like it’s a bit late, 200 years after the fact, and maybe even a bit insulting – we stole from you, killed you, gave you diseases, and *now* we’d like to be welcomed in, thanks very much! *sigh* this is a bit of a bugbear…

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