Starry Rift in Perth

Live in Perth, and want The Starry Rift?  Well, you can get it from Planet Books for just $A28.95, which seems terrific for a nicely packaged 570 page hardcover anthology. The exchange rate may be killing me, but it’s great if you want to buy books. Go down to Planet and check out this store. It’s my favorite bookstore in Perth by a long, long way.

3 thoughts on “Starry Rift in Perth”

  1. Yeah, the exchange rate is awesome for getting some old stuff, for sure, or till they put postage up yet again, anyway.

    Is there likely to be a paperback of this do you think, anytime?

    That is certainly a good oz price for a hardback. Is it cheaper because of being on a kid’s book list?

    For people not in Perth, looks like the free postage bookdepository has it fr less than that, too.

  2. There’ll almost certainly a paperback, but it’s probably a year away. The hardcover is an awesome price. Slow Glass have it for about the same.

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