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Here’s something that I’ve learnt, late in the game.  I am often encouraged, volubly, by friends and family to mark special moments, achievements – to stop and take them in and enjoy them.  I agree with this completely, in principle.  What I’ve found, though, is that if I have two different things happening at the same time, I can’t help responding to the negative or stressful one instead of the positive on.  For example, this past weekend I sold another book. The deal is done but not inked, so no details yet, but it’s one I’m very happy and excited about.  At almost exactly the same time another project hit some temporary troubles. Nothing that can’t be fixed, but that was all I could think about.  I couldn’t really enjoy the high of the book sale, because of this other thing.  Stupid, but there you go.  It’s something I need to work on.

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