I was reading someone else’s post (girliejones, I think) about simply tidying up to make things seem simpler.  That’s where I need to get to. I have some serious paperwork to do, but I feel like I can’t till I get things sorted.  This weekend’s priorities are family, housework, and a couple other things. Watched The Golden Compass last night, which looked terrific but lacked tension and some logic.   Also want to finish The Steel Remains, which continues well. I have a new Gene Wolfe in my office, the new Jim Blaylock, and the whiff of a new Pratchett on the wind.  Reading to be done.

This is going to seem very scattered, but on my mind are tidying the house, getting ready for a family visit in July (we need a new car!), dealing with taxes (my most unfavorite thing,  soliciting a replacement story for Godlike Machines, sorting out the garden, applying for my own job (!), and general ‘stuff’.  I also am thinking about fish and fish tanks.  Hmmm. This may be while I’m feeling so scattered.