Mother’s Day is drawing to a close, and all in all, it’s gone fairly well.  We were up early with two young girls, I made some omelettes for breakfast, and gave Marianne some presents.  Then they went to football, while I got the place ready.  I then picked up my mum, to bring her back for a pleasant, relaxed afternoon at our house.  My sister rose to the occasion, bringing some great food and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Everyone’s gone now, and we’re just reading the tired/cranky time of day, and I’m taking a few minutes quietly outside with the laptop.

Positive things today: read two good stories for Eclipse Two.  I’m not sure one isn’t too weird, and that one isn’t more a chapter of a novel, but that’s what second readings are for, and both are well worth a second read.  I hope to finish Wolfe’s Evil Guest this evening, then I’ll probably dive into Daryl Gregory’s Pandemonium. If I’d not read his short fiction, I doubt I would have picked up the Gregory novel, but I have (it’s terrific), so I’m really interested to see how it stacks up.

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