I discuss projects in progress here too much, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing. Over the past two weeks I’ve been discussing the problems Eclipse Two is currently going through, and the stress it’s causing. It occurred to me, as I sit outside listening to distant traffic and nearby crickets as the sun slowly sets on a cool, cloudy afternoon, that I might tell you the good things about Eclipse Two. I do not have a final table of contents for the book yet – that’s probably two or three weeks away – but I do have some great stories.  Unlike the first book, this one has a lot more actual SF in it with stories about ruined telescopes on the far side of the moon, superheroes invading Eastern Bloc countries, stellar empires  searching for new leaders, and even an alternate history where Shakespeare and his contemporaries get a theatrical surprise.  It’s coming together as a very diverse and entertaining book.  There are just enough stories still coming that I don’t quite know what the final book will be like, but I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. I’ve already preordered. Did you know that there’s an “Eclipse 2 Compatible” acquarium? I wonder if the fish would like it. (Post-modern life, entirely driven by the oddities of search engines.)

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