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Hi all – If you’re readers of this blog, you’ll notice that my very unhappy posts about the Eclipse cover panel discussion at Wiscon aren’t readily apparent. I’ve decided to remove them (they still exist, they’re just not on the public site). I did this because I realise that they’re not helping anyone, and because the debate’s not about me. It’s not something I should have engaged with, and I regret that I did. I thank everyone for their support, and wish the Wiscon crowd a great convention. Thanks, Jonathan

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  1. Hey, I thought you might like to know: I did just chat with the individual who submitted the panel… she actually did it because of an extended e-mail communication with Mr. Lassen, in which he suggested that perhaps the debate about the Eclipse One cover could be used as a jumping-off point to discuss the broader issue of female-to-male representation in the genre. I realize the panel description doesn’t necessarily lend itself to that interpretation… but I think that’s prolly as much the one-shot-and-you’re-done panel submission form as it is the temperament of the original argument.

  2. Anyway, if it’s any encouragement? The panel description does indicate that people haven’t forgotten the 50/50 table of contents. And I, personally, am still looking forward to reading those stories by that collection of authors.

    I can see why you would find this sort of attention upsetting, of course. But I think it doesn’t necessarily have to be all negative? Or even mostly negative… in dicussing the contrast between the cover and the ToC, the panel will also include constant reminders of the actual content of the book. Which probably serve as a pretty handy bit of free advertising.

  3. I’m aware Jeremy is a supporter of the panel. I hope they have a rewarding and beneficial discussion on the panel. Beyond that, I’m staying away from the topic. I do hope you enjoy E1, when you read it. I like it a lot. On the 50/50 toc – I don’t know if it makes things better or worse, but I only noticed that after the fact when the cover conversation began publicly. Till that point, I’d honestly not given it any thought.

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