Nine stitches…

Well, a reasonably productive day.  Story contracts out to everyone who is owed one, covering two separate projects.  Preliminary manuscript for Godlike Machines sent off to the Book Club (more to be added, but they wanted to see what I have now). Steps taken to gather tax information, so that hopefully I can get my return done this weekend.  I also got an invoice together and sent for one project, and ready to go for another.  Yesterday I got myself in something of a knot over the various things on the to do list. Today has been a reasonably successful attempt to unknot myself, plot the path forward, and get things done.  I’m reasonably hopeful that, even allowing for what seems like a rather intimidating timeline, I should be able to get everything odne, and to the required standard.

It’s helped that summer is now definitely gone, and autumn’s fading with it. It’s been a cool, rainy day and there are a lot more days like that to come between now and August.  That means comfort and relaxation, which means I’m best placed to achieve a lot.  If everything’s done by the end of July, the trip to the US in early August should be an actual break.  Then home, and I should have about two months off.  I’ll potter around the house, exercise, and do a lot of year’s best reading.  That should mean I’ll be well placed to deliver that book before heading off to Canada for World Fantasy.  Busy, busy.

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