Gack I’m tired.  I spent about seven hours doing taxes today, and I figure I’m a bit over half way through. 2006/2007 is pretty much together. I need to plug in the deductions, source a little bit of info, and talk to the accountant.  2007/2008 is also coming together. The ground work is done, but there’s still some detective work to do.  I’m determined, though, to end this whole ‘doing the taxes’ problem once and for all.  By the end of the month I expect to get last year’s taxes done, and have this year’s done to the point where I can submit them the moment I get my group certificate.  I should be able to get on the plane for Denver and know that I don’t have to worry about taxes till mid-2009, and those should be well organised.

Of course, once the taxes are done, I move on to trying to prepare for applying for my own job.  Have to write a resume for the first time in 15 years, and prepare for my first job interview about as long.  Round the same time, I’ve got to finish a couple books, both of which are coming together very nicely.  That takes me through to late June (skipping a couple birthdays), and then the relatives arrive from New York.  By mid-July (truly), the year will be all down hill.  These aren’t simpler times, but I can see them from here.