Pimping Night Shade

Just opened the morning email, and there’s a newsletter from Jeremy over at The Shade letting me know about a 50% off sale that they’re having at the moment.  They have some incredibly cool books just out, or just over the horizon, including new novels from Walter!, Greg Egan, Graham Joyce, Harry Turtledove and others, alongside some very cool anthos from John Joseph Adams (the editor to watch at the moment, IMHO) and the VanderMeers (whose pirate book includes a great Garth Nix novelette).  All you’ve got to do is slap in an order by midnight May 25, and you’re away.  Now, I know the skeptics amongst you are saying, it’s all very well for him to recommended the Shade, but he works for them and is a reviews guy, so he scores all of the books for nix.  Not so, my little droogies.  I have handed over the cold, hard just recently for the new Walter! novel and the new Paolo Bacigalupi collection, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.  I’m definitely going to get the Joyce novel, and I’m one behind on those Glen Cook omnibuses (I don’t even read ’em, but they look so cool I want them).  Anyhow, this is a great sale. Go forth and order!

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