Jonathan is: reading

Well, this is the scary part.  One or two things to sort out, but this week I’m reading through a stack of paper to see what kind of book the stories I’ve accepted for Eclipse Two actually will make.  They’re a disparate bunch.  I like them all, and I really love a few, but this book is a different beast from its predecessor – a lot more science fiction, less fantasy, less slipstream.  It’s not going to please people who weren’t happy with the first book, but it’s not going to ring the bells of everyone who loved the first one. I think a lot of other people may love it, though  Hmm. Wish me luck.

Up too early.  Marianne was away for the weekend. Spent the time taking the kids here and there, and doing family stuff.  I thought we had a good time. The youngest then assures me, on her mother’s return that the entire weekend was boring.  She even had her mother re-read her a chunk of the book we’d been reading together.  Hey man, now we’re really living.

I read Mr E’s beautiful book, Things the Grandchildren Should Know, over the weekend too.  A wonderful book. It looks like it should have been published by McSweeeney’s, which is probably Dave Eggers’ real influence on the world. It’s smart and scary, but beautiful and filled with sentences that read like the greatest opening lines to novels you’ll never see.  Check it out.