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There are always a few projects bubbling away in the background, and I’m really delighted to be able to say that another one has moved from being something I’d love to do, to being something I’m actually doing.  Last October I was sitting in a bar in Saratoga Springs talking to Lou Anders.  I looked over his shoulder and saw Steven Erikson engaged in energetic conversation with some friends. I mentioned to Lou that I’d had this idea of editing an anthology that collected new stories from some of the really cool newer writers who were writing swords and sorcery at the moment, and mentioned a list of writers.

Lou basically looked at me and said “Me too”.  We’d discussed doing another project together, so it seemed natural to suggest we do this one together. It seemed like a great idea, but it was late, so we decided to let the sun rise on it and see if it still seemed good. It did.  We’re both fairly busy, so we headed home and worked on a lot of other things, but earlier this year the project suddenly picked up momentum.  A proposal was drafted, my incredibly cool agent Howard looked it over, and it went out to publishers.  And, not so very long ago, the wonderful Diana Gill made an offer for the book that we couldn’t refuse.

So, over the next few days emails will be going out to all of the authors we’d approached during the proposal stage to let them know that the book is going to happen. Next August Lou and I should be delivering the manuscript of a 200,000  wd original swords and sorcery anthology, very tentatively called Conquering Swords, to Harper for a 2010 publication.  I’m thrilled to be doing the book, and couldn’t wish for a better bunch of collaborators.  I love Lou’s work. The writers who’ve committed are amazing. And, I love working with Diana and Harper.  More as it happens.

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  1. Terrific. S&S is a genre I loved as a kid. Only later did I see some of the less… politically correct aspect of the older stories. But I still have a fondness for them.

  2. Hey, this sounds totally cool! I tried to get in touch with Steven Erikson for the anthology I just announced over at Flashing Swords Press Instead, Andy Offutt, C.L. Werner, Brian Ruckley, Mary Rosenblum, and Jean Rabe are headlining 2009’s Rage of the Behemoth.

    Jonathan, have you had the chance to look over this year’s anthology, Return of the Sword?

    I wish you every success in the publishing of this anthology and look forward to reading it in 2010.

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