In circles…

Well, I’ve got myself completely running in circles.  As I mentioned earlier, I am applying for a job that is very closely related to my own, and which I pretty much acted in for about ten months.  I want the job, but I’ve been out of the interview cycle for about 15 years.  I’ve been waiting to hear about interview times, and it looks like it’ll be early Friday afternoon this week, just before I go on leave.  For reasons I don’t think I should go into online, this has completely done my head in.  For no rational reason whatsoever I’d been hoping to avoid the interview, and now it’s just four days away (a little less actually).  I got myself so turned around that I seriously considered withdrawing and am just generally unhappy about the thing (though that’s me, not anything to do with the job).  Expect me to be pretty much unavailable through till the weekend as I try to focus on preparation and such.  sigh,

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  1. Thanks. I seem to have perfected the mindset on this one where every time I think of something to do with it, it amplifies whatever has me worried about it. I’d been waiting to hear for a while. Heard today. Now I’m trying to work out what to do for the interview itself. I got sent the ‘scenario’ and know I’ll get to see the questions beforehand. For some weird reason, I just chase my tail, getting more and more worried. It’s ridiculous. I need to talk myself down from the edge, because logically I know it’s not that big a deal.

  2. Remember to breathe. (I once asked for advice in a situation like yours and was told “wear socks.” Infrastructure, yeah. Socks, underwear, glasses, remember one’s own name, inhale, exhale.) Get a haircut today, so it doesn’t look brand new on Friday. You’ll be great.

  3. Just think of your interviewer as a publisher who you want to sell a particular anthology (that happens to be yourself) to — before you know it, you’ll have three new jobs!

    Good luck. But I’m sure you’ll do extremely well anyway.

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