Mucking about : The Road to Denvention Part 2

Confident in the almost complete irrelevancy of this to the rest of the world, more on getting ready for Denvention. I’ve had a ridiculously long period of time (by my standards) to get ready for this trip, so I’ve spent most of it doing something else. Dealing with medical issues, getting new glasses, buying clothes, reading – that kind of thing. But, given that this is an annual thing for me, where am I usually at by now?

Well, it’s about 60 hours to take-off, so I’m really just scoping out that I have what I need, picking up what I don’t have, and sort of getting in the right head-space for the whole trip. The traditional stopover in Oakland is a big part of any of these trips, and I try to set up get togethers when I can. This time I’m mostly seeing my fellow Locus folk, but I also always try to see Bob and Karen (who are dear friends and have been incredibly generous suporters in the past), and this time I’m eager to catch up with Posse Man (aka Jeremy) if I can. Lots to talk about.

I have four days in Oakland, if you count the day I arrive. I need to get to a T-Mobile store, but other than that am free as a bird. Except I have a batch of proofreading to do. I’ll tell you I’ll do it on the plane, but truthfulkly if I don’t do most of it before I go I’ll be behind the eight ball. I’m also going to spend time researching some books I’m doing or planning, and basically being busy.

Am I on track? I don’t know. I think so. I’ll forget something, but probably not anything important. I am pretty sure what I’ll be reading on the plane, but that could change too. More soon. (Interesting, huh?).

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