Live from the back deck…

Live from the back deckI always know that I’ve arrived in California when I get to sit out quietly on the back deck at Ridgewood Lane for the first time. It’s a peaceful place surrounded by tall pine and plum trees, covered in flowers, and with quiet places to sit and relax. I’ve been here for parties for 40 people, spent warm evenings drinking scotch and reminiscing with CHARLES, and seen off jetlag more than a few times. It’s a touchstone place. The air is softer and gentler than the air at home, and most times it’s cool and comfortable.

Right now, having woken early, I’m out here listening to music, reading a little and just unwinding. Later I’ll probably be out here with Jeremy Lassen from Night Shade. We have much to discuss and this’ll be a good place for a drink. Then, at 4pm, I’ll be online from here for the Conflux online convention. Depending how the weather goes, I might even end the day out here drinking scotch with Charles. I’m glad it’s still here.

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