On Saturday

Saturday was supposed to be a slow day.  It was three days till we fly to Denver and four till Worldcon starts.  I woke early and spent some quiet time out on the back deck, just reading, blogging and relaxing.  Charles and I spent the morning chatting about this and that, maybe do a little panel preparation, but nothing too demanding.

We had lunch up here at the house and then at 2pm Jeremy from Night Shade dropped by.  Jeremy’s a ball of energy so we got to talking, some drinks hit the table, and we went back and forth about all kinds of interesting stuff.  At 4pm I was due to participate in the Conflux Minicon, which was great (and you should GO to Conflux if you can).  Jeremy, Charles and I were sitting at a table on the Locus HQ back deck, drinks and nibbles around us, chatting while I answered questions.  Disturbingly, between a couple questions, I seem to have committed to two more editing projects.  There’s a lot to do before these become real, so I won’t say what they are, but it made my head spin a little.

Not long after the Minicon ended for me, Ellen Klages showed up.  There was much talking, laughing, and catching up.  Eventually we headed off to dinner at Crogans, where I broked my diet, and then came back to the house for more catching up.  It was a good day.

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