Monday, or, one to get ready

It was a work day at Locus HQ.  What this meant for your humble correspondent was that everyone was up at CHARLES’s house (except Carolyn, who I missed this trip), but that they were all either frantically finishing work on the latest issue of Locus, or getting ready for Denver.

I woke early again, which is a pattern here that probably will be broken in Denver.  It was foggy and cool, so I went upstairs at a little after 6.00am, got myself some coffee, and read more of Pratchett’s Nation.  Tim was the first person in at around 8.00am, so we chatted for a while about Locus, publishing, and life.   I then did the online check-in thing for tomorrow, chatted with Charles, Francesca, and Amelia, and got some laundry done.  The early afternoon was all about editing columns, and doing some future planning for the reviews.  After that, dinner and bed.

I don’t know if  any of this quite conveys what it’s like to come  back to a place that is so familiar.  I first visited Locus HQ in 1994, and have been back most years since then (I missed 1996, 2000, and 2001 I think).  I worked here for a year myself.  It’s very much a part of my world, though it’s half a world away and it’s good to see it again.  I’ll be back, even more briefly, in October, which will be nice.

Oh, since tomorrow is WorldCon, blogging will be light to non-existent I suspect.  I’ll try, but experience suggests…

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