Well, Marianne left Sunday morning early.  I think I’m still being hit over the head by jetlag, but the day went smoothly.  Swimming in the morning, playing with friends in the afternoon, Sizzler for dinner. An easy day. Today, Monday, was all about school. I’d got clothes and lunches done the night before, so the morning was easy.  Everyone up and dressed, breakfast done, and time for a bit of The Little Mermaid before off to school in time for Sophie’s early tutoring.  The day for me was a mix of talking some stuff over with my mother, who was over to help with the cleaning, while I tucked into the work.  Locus editing done for this month — tick.  Tomorrow, year’s best intro and story notes.   If I can get that done on schedule, I can draft the NSO 2 intro on Wednesday and complete the years best ms. by Thursday.  That’ll give me Friday, nominally, off.  It’s a nice thought :)

PS: The deadline for the year’s best and the NSO 2 manuscripts is 1 December, but I’m desperate to get  the year’s best done ASAP.  Much else to do, and NSO2 might be trickier than I think.  Still need a running order on that, and a couple late stories.

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