Two weeks late, but I’ve delivered The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 3 to Night Shade!  I’m pretty sure we’re on for next year, but next up is copyedits. I’m just delighted to get it in.

7 thoughts on “Delivered!”

  1. It always depends on how close your tastes are to an individual editor, but your thoughts about what makes one story superior to another story definitely are very close to my ideas of the best stories of the year. Keep going. I love your taste in what is excellent in the literature of SF!

  2. Edward: I hope you like the book. I guess the publisher will put a link up to a table of contents in a while, and I’ll then link to it. I’m happy with the book, and hope you like it.

    Bob: I really appreciate the words of support, and hope you keep enjoying the books.

  3. By the time I receive my copy it will be well into next year, and you’ll have moved on to all sorts of other things. So I’ll thank you now! Thank you for bringing us the book, Jonathan. The first two were a joy to receive and read (even though I’m less than halfway through the second one).

  4. Hi again!
    Thought I would check out NightShade. Sure enough they have the contents listed.And it does look fabulous.Looking forward even more so.

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