Well, the path back to normality has begun.  Builders began the task of putting a new living room ceiling up.  They should finish tonight by adding cornices etc.  Lights go back in on Thursday, and then we need to schedule painting, floor polishing and so on.  Slowly, slowly.

7 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Good work! Hope it’s not too hot in Perth!

    A little note to add that Gardnerspace in Locus signals a 2008 anthology unmentioned on your 2008 list (“Subterfuge” by Ian Whates at NewConPress).

    And I’d love to see a 2009 list now!!! :)

    A final note to add that I finally got my hands on Eclipse Two (At first, I could’t find it at or because I searched Strahan and the anthology is listed under Jones, Baxter and Kress, not Strahan!)

  2. Hi Fabrice –

    I know about Subterfuge. Now that 2008 is over I’m going to retire the old anthology list, rather than update it. I don’t see having the time to keep the out of date lists going, and the list is really supposed to be a working one for me so I can keep track of everything. I will get to a 2009 list – soon! It’s been a busy, busy time and so desirable but non-essential things have fallen down the list of things I’m getting to. Soon, though.

    Thanks too for picking up Eclipse Two. I really hope you like it. I asked to amend the entry a while back, but they didn’t believe I was me and rejected the change :(

  3. Thanks for the answer, Jonathan,

    As a matter of fact, your name is mentioned now at (with some of the authors).

    But and still don’t mention your name. I thought they all used the same database, but apparently it’s not the case. :(

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