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Well, I received my details in the mail from the good folk at Anticipation yesterday. With the Locus Recommended lists all finished, I thought I’d take a moment to nominate for the Hugo Awards using their online nomination form.  The process was, as it should be, simple, painless and easy.  I can’t wait to see the final ballot, which I guess will be out some time in late March.  Nominating and voting are private, but no matter what work you want to support, please nominate!  The process is only as good as the number of people involved.

6 thoughts on “Hugo voting”

  1. At least the new name speaks to me.

    I already sent my Hugo nomination ballot. So, sadly, I wasn’t able to include stories from the new Eclipse Two. :(

  2. Hey Fabrice

    I understand re: the Hugos, though I’m a bit disappointed. I think there are a couple stories that deserve a run at the big award.


  3. You’re right. Just read the second story, “Turing’s Apples” by Stephen Baxter. It’s the kind of SF I love.

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