A day

Today was a strange day.  I’m tired and sore these days, most likely because of some horrible problem I don’t want to see the doctor about because it’ll probably be a tumor (or, more likely, a combination of weird bruised rib, blood pressure medication and who knows what else).  It means I’m in a bad mood a lot, which also means I’m not motivated to get the work done I need to.  I have to get maybe half a dozen story contracts out to various people, get the monthly reviews edited, do some stuff for the soon-to-be-launched Locus blog, write proposals, and tidy up a lot of email.  All this while getting ready for house stuff that needs doing and taxes.

Anyhow, there was some nice stuff today. I was interviewed for ABC Radio’s Book Show, discussing Alison Goodman, Adrian Bedford and the Aurealis Awards.  Erica from the ABC was terrific, and we’re now discussing some more regular work which could be fun.

Got home late, made dinner, and am now grabbing a quick moment to use the new stereo.  Of course, I need to be in my office using the computer there, so …. argh.

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