New Stan Robinson

I was copyediting Locus’s forthcoming books listing last week when I came across the listing for Stan Robinson’s new novel, Galileo’s Dream. I knew the book was in progress, but didn’t know it was due so soon  (August, which means galleys v. soon!).  I can’t wait to see it. I love Stan’s work. The cover above was on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “New Stan Robinson”

  1. Awhile ago I read where KSR was working on a book with the tentative title THE GALILEANS, which I assumed was a Biblical reference. I’m pleased to see it’s really about Galileo!

  2. So one waits for years for his next book only to find it will be published in the UK so we in the US must wait six months to read it. I’ve read and enjoyed all of his books.

    The US date does not make me a happy camper but alas one must grin and wait and wait….

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