Ingenious or invasion – Me, Twitter and a hotel

A couple nights ago I was trying to make myself come to grips with my (to me) endless ‘To Do’ list.  I sat down and blogged a lost of 20-odd tasks on Twitter. Task 13 was ‘Hotel reservations for Sydney and Melbourne in August’.  I was very surprised – I’m naive like that – to get a direct message from the concierge’s desk at major Sydney hotel asking if I’d like a special rate for their hotel.  We went back and forth a little, and I’ve ended up with a reasonably competitive rate that I’m considering.  I am caught wondering though, whether this is good business and a useful service or an invasion of a social space that doesn’t need it’s own form of spam.  I will say, in defence of the hotel, I had to opt in after the first contact, so they weren’t unwelcome. It was just odd.

Ted Chiang’s Exhalation (Fixed)

The good folk at Night Shade have posted the full text of Ted Chiang’s Hugo and BSFA Award nominated story “Exhalation” in multiple formats on their website for the joy and delectation of readers everywhere. There is also a wonderful podcast of the story over at Starship Sofa. The story is from my anthology Eclipse Two. I’d like to thank Ted and Night Shade for being willing to let this happen.

Note: Link now fixed.

For my mother

Hugo Awards nominations

The good folk at Anticipation have announced the nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards.  You can see the full list here.  Obviously I am deeply honored and delighted to be nominated for Best Editor – Short Form.  I was stunned when I heard, and am thrilled about it. I’ll be in Montreal, of course, and hope you will be too.

There are too many people to shout out to, but I’d especially like to say congratulations to Ted Chiang, whose story “Exhalation” from Eclipse Two is on the ballot. I love the story and will be voting for it.  Other than, congratulations  to everyone else in my category (the 2008 gang back together again?), to Charles and my Locus crew, to Lou, Shaun, Charlie, Ian, Cory, Neil, Cheryl, Bill – everyone!  It’s going to be a wonderful night, celebrating a great year.