My crazy blog project

Inspired by a young barista’s mad passion for music, I have commenced blogging about short SF over at the Locus blog. It’s all under the moniker The All-Time Top 40(-ish) – A Quixotic Endeavor. Each week I’m reading and reviewing one of the stories from Locus’s 1999 All-Time Top 40 Short Story List, just kinda as something to do.  There have been suggestions this will lead to anthologies and such, but probably not. Mostly it’s a way of connecting with some older fiction and slowing down how I read.  On reflection I might have picked the superior looking Best Novelette list, but the dye is cast and there’s no use complaining now.

For those who are interested, if this works (and we’ll know by 5 January 2010 if it did) I intend to do something on the best short fiction of the 2000s.  That’s away aways though.  The intention is that a new review will appear every Tuesday, unless I get bored, in which case they’ll either come a lot faster or not at all. It’s an adventure. Come check it out!