Hugo Awards nominations

The good folk at Anticipation have announced the nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards.  You can see the full list here.  Obviously I am deeply honored and delighted to be nominated for Best Editor – Short Form.  I was stunned when I heard, and am thrilled about it. I’ll be in Montreal, of course, and hope you will be too.

There are too many people to shout out to, but I’d especially like to say congratulations to Ted Chiang, whose story “Exhalation” from Eclipse Two is on the ballot. I love the story and will be voting for it.  Other than, congratulations  to everyone else in my category (the 2008 gang back together again?), to Charles and my Locus crew, to Lou, Shaun, Charlie, Ian, Cory, Neil, Cheryl, Bill – everyone!  It’s going to be a wonderful night, celebrating a great year.

9 thoughts on “Hugo Awards nominations”

  1. Congratulations Jonathan, and MOST deserved! Fantastic that Exhalation is there too, and Graveyard Book, and Fables, and Serenity, and Dark Knight, and Dr Horrible, and and and … All is right with the world! It’s a great ballot!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Quick question: I’ve been looking forward to Best Fantasy vol. 3 for some time and it move dfrom it’s initial March15th date to March 30th. Howevern Night Shade hasn’t published a book since November last year. All of the books scheduled in between have not been released, despite several promises to do so. What does this mean for your anthology, and will it really be out on the 30th? Because even the rescheduled books are not even coming out.


  3. Haha, ok then. You’re keeping your thoughts to yourself, understandable I guess since they publish your books.



  4. I’m not being coy. I just don’t know. The book was due in March. I’ve been told it will ship the first week in April. I believe that to be true. I’ve not seen a cover yet, but I understand it’s in hand. Truthfully, though, I’ve long since finished my part and am waiting, just like everyone else.

  5. Congrats Jonathan! I’m thrilled to see you on the list.

    And Exhalation was a fantastic story, I’m happy for you and Ted Chiang!

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