Ingenious or invasion – Me, Twitter and a hotel

A couple nights ago I was trying to make myself come to grips with my (to me) endless ‘To Do’ list.  I sat down and blogged a lost of 20-odd tasks on Twitter. Task 13 was ‘Hotel reservations for Sydney and Melbourne in August’.  I was very surprised – I’m naive like that – to get a direct message from the concierge’s desk at major Sydney hotel asking if I’d like a special rate for their hotel.  We went back and forth a little, and I’ve ended up with a reasonably competitive rate that I’m considering.  I am caught wondering though, whether this is good business and a useful service or an invasion of a social space that doesn’t need it’s own form of spam.  I will say, in defence of the hotel, I had to opt in after the first contact, so they weren’t unwelcome. It was just odd.

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