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I started reading science fiction back in the mid-1970s. I was eight or nine years old, and somewhere in there I started reading Larry Niven. I don’t remember when, but it was the short stories that captivated me. So you can only imagine how delighted I am to announce that I’m going to edit The Best of Larry Niven for Subterranean Press. It’ll be a 200,000 word selection of Larry’s very best short stories and should be spectacular.  I’m going to be diving into working out the table of contents over the next week or two, so please feel free to drop me any suggestions. This one should be out in 2010.

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  1. SF-S-4.5 Niven, Larry : All the Myriad Ways
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Breeding Maze
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Cloak Of Anarchy – FREE
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Down In Flames – FREE
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Flash Crowd
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Handicap
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : The Handicapped
    SF-C-4.0 Niven, Larry : A Hole In Space
    SU-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : In the Cellar – FREE
    SF-S-4.5 Niven, Larry : Inconstant Moon
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : The Jigsaw Man
    SH-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : The Last Necronomicon – FREE
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Neutron Star – FREE
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Night On Mispec Moor – FREE
    SO-S-4.5 Niven, Larry : Not Long Before the End
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Playhouse
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : Singularities Make Me Nervous – FREE
    SF-S-4.0 Niven, Larry : There Is A Tide

    Dunno if you want team-up stories, but there’s a few of those, too.

  2. That’s a pretty good list, BT.

    Some other suggestions (I cut my teeth early on Niven)…

    What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?
    Bordered in Black
    What Good is a Glass Dagger?
    The Soft Weapon
    Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
    The Tale of Jinni and her sisters
    The Green Marauder
    The Meddler

  3. This sounds like an interesting project.I haven’t read all that much Niven, but the two stories that stand out in my mind from when I first read them,oh so long ago, would be: Inconstant Moon and I think the other was called The Fourth Profession from something called Quark # 4.

  4. I’ll add this to the list of books to get in 2010. Those SubPress guys are taking a lot of my money lately. They’re a great publisher.

  5. That is so exciting! I’ll definitely be ordering this one. I have a special fondness for Niven since his was the first non-Star Wars science fiction that I ever bought for myself in a proper bookstore when I was a kid…A World Out of Time. I still love that book. I’ve just read Ringworld for the first time a few months ago and am really fond of Niven’s Draco Tavern short stories. I cannot wait to see what you will pick and look forward to this collection being my gateway to more Larry Niven goodness!

  6. For some reason I have never got around to reading any Larry Niven – unless it was when I was a kid, I voraciously read every SF anthology and collection I could find between the ages of 7 and 12, and to this day keep picking up ancient SF classics to finally read and discovering I already knew what happened.

  7. Jonathan,

    Before I forget, thanks again for signing those books for me at Denvention!

    Here are some Niven stories that I think deserve consideration. I’ve tried to limit myself on the Beowulf Shaeffer and Gil Hamilton stories:

    “Becalmed in Hell [*Known Space],” (ss) F&SF July 1965
    “The Warriors [*Known Space: Kzin],” (ss) If Feb. 1966
    “Neutron Star [*Known Space: Beowulf Shaeffer],” (nv) If Oct. 1966
    “The Jigsaw Man [*Known Space],” (ss) Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, Doubleday 1967
    “The Deadlier Weapon,” (ss) EQMM June 1968
    “Death by Ecstasy [*Known Space: Gil Hamilton],” (na) Galaxy Jan. 1969 {a.k.a. “The Organleggers”}
    “Not Long Before the End [*mana],” (ss) F&SF April 1969
    “Inconstant Moon,”(nv) All the Myriad Ways, Ballantine 1971
    “The Fourth Profession,” (nv) Quark #4, ed. Samuel R. Delany & Marilyn Hacker, Popular Library 1971
    “Rammer [*Jerome Corbell],” (nv) Galaxy Nov. 1971
    “Cloak of Anarchy [*Known Space],” (ss) Analog March 1972
    “The Hole Man,” (ss) Analog Jan. 1974
    “The Borderland of Sol [*Known Space: Beowulf Shaeffer],” (nv) Analog Jan. 1975
    “A Teardrop Falls [*Berserkers],” (ss) Omni June 1983 / Berserker Base, Tor 1985; this might just be my favorite Niven story of all.
    “The Return of William Proxmire,” (ss) What Might Have Been, Volume 1, ed. Gregory Benford & Martin H. Greenberg, Bantam 1989
    “Madness Has Its Place [*Known Space: Kzin],” (nv) Asimov’s June 1990

    Best Regards,
    Tom Dean

  8. Larry and Marilyn are signed up for Aussiecon 4 but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be there. The proximity to release of this collection would be an encouragement but only if someone can guarantee that books will be available at bookshops at the time of Aussiecon 4. Larry has on two occasions been planning on going to sf bookshops in Australia to sign copies of books only to find that due to a dock strike or some bureaucratic delay, the books didn’t show up.

    As a co-webmanager of http://www.larryniven.org and a moderator of the mail list http://www.larryniven-l.org I am much involved in his fandom and if anything needs doing to make sure that book is available (assuming it’s in the bookshops by then) I’ll attempt to do it.

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